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The Chinese journal of nervous and mental diseases mainly reports the new achievements of clinical and beasic research in neurology,neurosurgery and psychiatry in China,introduces the new progress of related research,promotes advanced diagnosis and treatment technology,organizes special academic discussions and holds national academic conferences.The Chinese journal of nervous and mental diseases main columns are experts forum,works,short paper,research and case presentation,clinical,assemble,cases discussion,lecture,review and many other columns.It can comprehensively and real-time reflect the latest academic thoughts and clinical experience.

    With the support of the editorial committee,experts from all over the country and neurologists,the journal has made great progress and achieved a series of outstanding achievements.Since 1992 it has been included in the Chinese biomedical disc retrieval system(CMBdisc) and subsequently in its English edition.Since 1996,it has been evaluated as the core journal of neurology and psychiatry by the national key items of Chinese core journals appraisal committee.In the same year,it was identified by the information center of the Chinese academy of sciences as the source of Chinese science citation database and journal statistics.Since 1998,the journal has been included in CA,and its academic status has been recognized internationally.In 2004 and 2006,it was once again included in “China science and technology papers statistical source journals”(China science and technology core journals)by China institute of science and technology information.

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